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Here are the many items on the Corporeal Meadows site, broken out into various categories, and completed with detailed (or at least, verbose) descriptions. Use the following links to jump to the individual sections:
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. . . . Texts, Articles, and other Writings (few, if any, graphics)
  • *New!*  Reconstructing Harry  We are proud to offer to the readers of Corporeal Meadows the paper/lecture presented by Bob Gilmore at the 2001 UCLA Partch Centennial. Known to all Partch readers as the first official biographer of Harry, Bob takes a look back at what that effort entailed, what questions he sought answers for, and (more importantly?) what questions he feels are still out there. It is typical Gilmore, with all the erudition one could want, leavened with his wry sense of humor. Please enjoy this thought-provoking essay from the person we affectionately know as Bob the Thorough.
  • Why Barstow?  A fascinating essay/journey to find voices in scratched writings. Mark Silverstein finds a similar thing that Partch did in his piece Barstow: that people, stuck on the road waiting for a ride, bare their souls in inscriptions. Take a trip on the offramps of the Southwest, as Mark listens to and notes those voices . . .
  • Fresh Picks!  Our ideas on the available audio, video, and written materials regarding Partch. As of 08/03/99, completely refreshed! It's a big page, so there is a text-only version (without the pictures of the cds, books, etc). If it's Partch, it's here.
  • Fanfare Review  A very well written survey of the recent releases, as reviewed and chronicled in the March/April issue of Fanfare Magazine by Adrian Corleonis. Sums up everything quite nicely.
  • Old Brown Tapes, Shiny Silver Discs  Apropos the above review, quite a few of you have been curious about the process of preparing the tapes for inclusion on CRI's Harry Partch Collection by, um, me. Here's the story.
  • Lyrical Partch  A collection of lyrics from Partch compositions. You may peruse the words from U. S. Highball (first version), Barstow, Seventeen Lyrics by Li Po and Eleven Intrusions.
  • Liner Notes  Facsimiles of the liner notes from the two out-of-print CBS recordings. You have your choice of both "Delusion of the Fury" and "The World of Harry Partch", and they are included with minimal editing.
  • Gunnar Johansen and Harry Partch  An article about Partch's stay in Gualala, by Lucie Marshall. During his two years on the Johansen ranch, Partch composed some very significant music, including much of the Intrusions and Cloud-Chamber Music. Illuminating as to just how difficult it was up there.
  • The Corporeal Group  A look at the folks who worked so diligently for 15 years here in San Diego to keep Partch's music alive, with glimpses at rehearsal procedure, touring, etc.
  • How It Happened  This is an adaption of an article written for the British Harry Partch Society; if you have ever wondered how I got involved in all of this nonsense in the first place, this is ... how it happened. The layout is a little different from some of our other articles - if more than 3 people scream at me, I'll convert it into an easy-read version (sigh).
  • The Partch Reverberations: Notes on a Musical Rebel  Originally published in the San Diego Reader in 1980, this is gives a historical perspective on aspects of the Partch legacy, striking in their similarities to questions being asked today.
  • Barbs And Broadsides  An edited transcription of some of Partch's lectures and talks given between 1950 and 1970. Many of Harry's more recognizable quotations reside here, along with ample amplification of his unique outlook on creativity.
  • Phil's Letters  A transcription of correspondences between Harry and former member of the Partch Ensemble, Phillip Keeney. Layout is a rough attempt to emulate the originals...
  • The Enclosures Project  If you don't know about Philip Blackburn's Enclosure series, check this guide. I've revamped it to include all current contents of the volumes and indications of future releases, and there is a link to their own site below, in the links section (duh). Blackburn's addition to understanding the world of Harry Partch is incalculable . . .
  • CRI Offerings  A content listing of the four-CD set from CRI entitled "Harry Partch: The New Collection on CRI". Also note that you can get both the Dreamer That Remains video and Partch's book, Genesis of a Music, through them. Proceed immediately to CRI's Partch page and get your order in!


This is the spot on the Meadows for those unique items needing more than words to explain. The Primary Collection houses only 'artworks', whereas the Zymo-Stuff Wing includes audio content. As mentioned in our mission statement, we do make certain viewing and listening assumptions, so see if you are properly enabled (and find out how to become properly enabled). We think you'll find it worth the effort.

By the way, if you've ever wondered about what the area of Gualala looks like, here are some photos submitted by a friend of the Meadows, D. S. Black.

. . . . The Primary Collection (visual)

  • A Bum Show  Finally, months after the fact, here is a taste of the photographic exhibit done in San Francisco, September of 1999. While it wouldn't be possible to reproduce it online in it's entirety (and if things work out right, we'll tour the world with it!), I've made a synopsis of the show and done a facsimile of the Guidebook that went with the show. Enjoy yourselves, and don't trip over any robots . . .
  • Show Us Your Instruments!  Should be obvious: here are some of the other "musicians seduced into carpentry", with photographic evidence of their seductions. Want to join in? Send your requests for public display to and I'll let you know the particulars. Remember: this is an exhibition, not a competition. Please -- no wagering. Newest instruments posted on 08/08/99.
  • Book, big  I didn't, or don't, have either enough time or talent to do a proper tribute to the wonderful work of Dr. Philip Blackburn. Nonetheless, I am personally in his debt for having brought Enclosure 3 to the light of day. It cannot be underestimated, and I wish everyone could see it. (If you are running in less than 800x600 resolution, this page will look better to you.
  • Words and Voices  A collection of small quotes that are intriguing, interesting and/or illuminating about Partch and his influences on others. Explore them further in the complete articles/books, which are cited at the end. Most recent addition if from composer Anthony Braxton. No graphics per se, just a retina-numbing background...
  • The Gate 5 Gallery  For those curious about the releases Partch made on his own label, here is a selection of the album covers and the contents of each.
  • ALL NUDE LIVE SHOW!  Would I lie to you? No, I would not.
. . . . The Zymo-Stuff Wing (audio-visual)
  • An Incremental Instrumentarium  No, we can't come to your house with all the Partch instruments for you to play on. Maybe this will help: an ongoing audio/visual display of the original Harry Partch instruments, on a very rough, rotating basis.
  • Tapebox  Yep. That's what it is. Oh, and a little memo. And some sounds . . .
  • Instrumental Partch  In the early 60's Partch included a booklet along with some of his LP's which contained photos and descriptions of 13 of his instruments; this is an online replica of that brochure, along with sound clips of the instruments.
  • Seven Ways To Barstow  Hot on the heels of The Barstow Challenge, this is something I've long wanted to do: compare seven recordings of different takes on Barstow, Partch's ode to eight lonely hitchhikers. As far as I know, this is the only place you can hear all seven! I wish I could present the whole piece, but time/space prohibits it. For now, you get section "Number One" of each recording, along with version, recording and other background information.
  • A Part of Partch  For your study, a page from the Boo part to "Daphne of the Dunes". I've made a hi-res scan of the part, along with my notes on his notation and proper Boo technique, and it's audio activated! If you only have a 640x480 display, try this page, more suited to your monitor. Either way, read the text while the graphic's downloading, and then enjoy.
  • The Garlic Highball  Here, on display, is the tour poster for the 1976 production of "U. S. Highball", along with some of Harry's comments and a bit of the piece as recorded. We have to settle for web-based Corporeality...

  • Kraig Grady, Interviewed  A look at the center of Anaphorian music, his relationship to Partch's works and the many other people and influences on what he is doing. Great bit of lineage, forming just one thread of Harry's legacy.
  • The Rehabilitated Hobo  (Philip Blackburn) The esteemed chronicler of Partchiana sheds light on his involvement, including how he was introduced to the Partch world, his eventual inheritance of the project, and the myriad of problems encountered along the way to the final triumphs (IMHO).
  • Statement on Performance and Biography  (Danlee Mitchell)  By and about Partch's last and most important assistant and confidant.
  • The Park Ranger of Corporeal Meadows  (Jonathan Szanto) Only because people are curious, here is my little niche, with the tiniest of bios, and little doodads. Read only after visiting every other place on the Meadows.
  • Another Perspective on Authenticity  An unsolicited essay from a poet and musician, Alan Shaw, who has been influenced by Partch. On his own site, he also has an article regarding a poet's view of Partch's aesthetic, and more recently, some sound examples of his proposed works.

  • Innova Recordings "Enclosures" Project  A monumental addition to the Partch picture, brought to you by Dr. Philip Blackburn, Program Director of the American Composers Forum.
  • Newband has their own presence on the web at a new location. Info, pics, sound files (eventually) and you can order your CD's through them. If you go, let them know you saw this on the Meadows.
  • Deep-Fried Meadows Links  The 'other' links -- sites that are resources for microtonality, theory and tuning, friends of Corporeal Meadows (and their sites), pages with some Partch subject matter, unofficial Partch sites, and assorted ephemera.