Photos from a Trip to Gualala

Sent to us by one of our intrepid Bay area correspondents, D. S. Black.

One day, Mr. Black dropped me a line, asking if there were any particularly 'Partchian' places in Gualala (Wah-lah-lah), CA, that he should see, as he was about to be passing through. In my outlandish manner, I just suggested that if he had a camera along with him to snap some shots and we'd find a place for them. Here they are, if nothing else than to lend a bit of the local color to your imaginary impressions of the Art Institue of Gualala. -- JMS

A sign leading into town...

Here it is, coming right up

Downtown and the Gualala Hotel (Art Institute just outside of the picture on the right).

Sunlight on the coast of Northern California

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