Review of Bewitched at Royce Hall in L.A. Times"The Bewitched" @ Royce Hall - 1/4/75

My inclusion of this review, which appeared in the L. A. Times on 1/5/75, wasn't for the purpose of reading. I just wanted to share what a hoot the band had when we saw it printed right above the ads for "Adult Movies / Entertainment" in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Harry would have loved this . . .

Since it is hard to make out (hehh, hehh), the 2nd feature at the Speak 89 theater ("Filmed in Denmark - only $3") is entitled My Bed Is Crowded. And, yes, both the Po No and Xanadu theaters are wishing us all a "Happy Nude Year". Thought you'd like to know that.

The review, by the way, was mainly positive. At some point I may put a few of the old press clips on the site; if you can't wait, then email me, and I'll send the text.

Or you could get a life.

Enough of this smut . . . get me outta here!