Deep-Fried Meadows Links
...being a collection of links to sites that have some connection to us, no matter how tenuous...
These sites are all somewhere on the web and somewhere off this site. The first section, The Numbers Game, is devoted to sites and information specifically relevant to the subjects of just intonation and tuning, which are a prime component of Partch's work. I decided to let those people who are already well-versed in the material do the speaking (and writing). The second section, Friends and Foes, Flotsam and Jetsam, are those sites that share a connection with Partch by virtue of inspiration, aesthetics, similar practice or other ephemera; they are listed in no particular order -- browse at will.

Since these items are all off-site, they are not in my control. While I always hope that the curators of these homes will let me know of changes of address or being defunct, if you find any dead links please write to and I'll hunt them down . . .

Jon Szanto
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*New!*   The Numbers Game
. . . . These sites feature information on microtonalism, just intonation, and other information that relates to the harmonic and theoretical nature of Partch's work

The Tuning List  I've been lax in updating this information: the Tuning List is an Internet mailing list devoted to alternate tunings and related topics -- naturally, Partch comes up quite a bit. The list used to operate out of Mills College, but is now found at among the many lists at OneList. You can find instructions on how to join or access the list by clicking on the subject heading or right here.

Newband's Harry Partch Info Center  Dean Drummond has a few pages up with some of the basic information on Partch: synopsis of his life, info on his works and his instruments, and on his page The Zoomoozophone Primer he has a synopsis of Partch's use of Just Intonation (as well as the story of his Zoomoozophone).

Just Intonation Explained is a very good introduction on the subject. The author, Kyle Gann, is a composer, author, and reviewer who has a lot of interest in these areas. He has reviewed Partch recordings and performances for the Village Voice, has books in print, and is active in the music scene in New York.

The Just Intonation Network  A good source for microtonal information and activities. Of special note to us is not just their journal, 1/1, edited by David Doty, but especially Vol. 8, No. 4, Nov. 1994, which was a tribute to Harry (and well-done). Be sure to see the first chapter of the "Just Intonation Primer" (first chapter online). JIN also has a well-stocked mail-order service for recordings, books, and other intonation-related items.

Xenharmonikôn   A very fine resource for your tuning related needs, edited by the esteemed John Chalmers. Besides being a venerable authority on tuning, he is a Partch-aware human from way back in the ... oh well, he's one of the good guys. The pages are produced by David Pusey.

American Music Resource  Here's a link for those of you with researcher's blood coursing in your veins. Frank McCarty has developed an online site with all manner of information on American music and composers. This particular link goes straight to the Partch central page; from there you can get to the AMR home page. Fairly complete, certainly in terms of materials available before last year, and has bibliography, media and other guides.

Microtonal Synthesis  John Loffink has a site with extensive information on the capabilities of the current and past electronic components (synthesizers, samplers, and software) that can be used to create microtonal music. John isn't just a gear-head either: a Partch page with a discussion of Harry's work in tuning, a page on the instruments, and a nice article entitled Quality of Vitality: Music by Harry Partch.

John Starret's Microtonal Music Page  If complete overload is what you're after, John has a huge supply of links to all things microtonal -- I mean *all*  things. You must sort though it all by yourself, allow plenty of time!

Microtonal Dictionary  Joe Monzo, a composer and theoretician, has been hard at work putting all manner of tuning related resources online. This dictionary is a collaborative work, encompassing, as it grows, a lot of the terms used in just intonation and other tuning matters. Be sure to take a look at the rest of Joe's site.

Intonation Info and Software  Graham Breed, another member of the tuning list, has also collated quite a bit of tuning-related writings, as well as written some software tools for composers wishing to dabble in microtones without getting out the table saw.

Harmonic Theory and Just Intonation  Dante Rosati has some of his own writings, as well as links to other articles and suggested books.

Friends and Foes, Flotsam and Jetsam
. . . . Odd instruments, weird composers, arty performers, chroniclers of alternate musics: these people have a connection with Partch, so expand your world by visiting them.

*New!*  The North American Embassy of Anaphoria Island  Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Kraig Grady, oversees this island of justly tuned musics and peoples amidst the chaos of Los Angeles, in addition to curating the archived publications of Erv Wilson, a tuning guru if ever there was one. Additionally, Mr. Grady has managed to produce three recordings of music from Anaphoria, and it is some of the most beautiful non-12tet music I've ever heard (info on the site). Partch wished for a return to "spirit-magic" -- I bet he would have found it here.

The British Harry Partch Society  (web site) Visit their site -- you'll find good articles and information on how to become a member in this worthy group. Things are slow right now, but they'll be back...

The Harmonium Home Page  Diarmuid Pigott wrote me one day, mentioning his site, and it does have a lot of information on the harmonium, it's history and use in music. In addition to a page specifically on Partch and the harmonium, you will find two items written by L Reid (a contributor) on Partch and the Chromelodeon, as well as information on Diarmuid as a composer. Well-done and informative.

Omnicircus  The description: "In 1988, Frank Garvey founded the OMNICIRCUS. It has become the home of a laboratory theater that is creating a body of work that extends the language of performance. Our resident music group, DeusMachina, makes powerfully haunting, darkly beautiful and original work for OMNICIRCUS performances and has a growing catalog of recordings on our Gate 6 label." The last statement shows part of the connection to Partch: Frank's father, John, conducted some of the seminal performances/recordings at the University of Illinois in the 1950's, and it was at that time that Frank met Harry. I personally haven't been up to the Bay area to check out their studios and performances, but it definitely looks corporeal!

Experimental Musical Instruments  Bart Hopkins has spent many years doing this quarterly magazine, devoted to just what it says; the web site has details on how to subscribe and contents of current issues. Bart also has a great book out entitled "Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones - Experimental Musical Instruments", which chronicles the stories and instruments of 30+ people, including a well-done chapter on Partch. The book is beautifully and quirkily laid-out, has an intro by none-other-than Tom Waits hisself, and comes with a companion CD containing audio cuts from most of the featured inventors. A good resource for those DIY'ers out there.

Juxtaposition Ezine  One of my correspondents on the tuning list, David Beardsley, has this online zine dedicated to various new musics. One of the pluses is a big focus on just/other intonational musics, and his proximity to the Apple allows him to review a lot of live shows as well. Take a visit, and stop by his upper site, IMMP Music and Arts Gallery while you're at it -- indie recordings, obscure artists, more.

Electronic Music Foundation has an extensive site devoted to current and past electronic and esoteric musics. In addition to the general interest here, they facilitate a very large CD buying operation, with a great online catalog. Called CDeMusic, if you do a search on "Partch" you'll come up with all the good stuff in one place.

Lou Harrison Site This is the official online home of Lou Harrison, hosted by people up at San Jose State University. Lou is a great big spirit and thought fondly of Harry (and vice versa); please pay them a visit.

The Groovy Composers Page Composer Cristopher DeLaurenti has a site with an attitude, tipping the hat to Harry along with other unsung composers. I like his spirit...

Southeast Just Intonation Center Originally started by Denny Genovese (also a tuning buddy)and now directed by Patrick Pagano, the SEJIC keeps things in tune down in Florida with a center for composition, instrument building, learning and research for just intonation.