Harry Partch: The New Collection on CRI
Historic recordings supervised by the composer
Jon Szanto
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[Revised: 09/29/97 -- from the 1997 CRI catalog]

At last, the new Harry Partch Collection from CRI! For more than twenty years CRI has been the key distributor of Partch's visionary music. The majority of our recordings first appeared on Partch's own label, Gate 5 Recordings, but the Gate 5 issues include many other extraordinary recordings not heard by the public in decades. Now, through an agreement with The Harry Partch Foundation, CRI is releasing Harry's eccentric masterpieces in THE HARRY PARTCH COLLECTION. These discs are digitally re-mastered from Partch's original master tapes and include complete librettos, lyrics and annotations. [Liner notes by Bob Gilmore (JMS)] Availability: Fall 1997.

If you are interested, you can order their catalog from them, which prominently features this notice on the back cover; they are now accepting orders. The following codes will aid you in assessing the importance of these reissues:

! = First release, either in this version or since 78's / acetates
+ = First release in complete form (not excerpted)
* = First commercial release since Gate 5 recording

Volume One (CD 751)

  • Eleven Intrusions
    1. Study on Olympos' Pentatonic*
    2. Study on Archytasí Enharmonic*
    3. The Rose
    4. The Crane*
    5. The Waterfall
    6. The Wind
    7. The Street
    8. Lover!
    9. Soldiers - War - Another War!
    10. Vanity*
    11. Cloud-Chamber Music

  • Plectra and Percussion Dances - An Evening of Dance Theater
    1. Castor & Pollux - A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini
    2. Ring Around The Moon - A Dance for Here and Now
    3. Even Wild Horses - Dance Music for an Absent Drama*+

  • Ulysses at the Edge of the World

Volume Two (CD 752)

  • San Francisco (1943, revised 1955)!
  • U. S. Highball (1943, revised 1955)*
  • The Letter (1943; 1972 version)!
  • Barstow (1941, 1968 version)
  • And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma (1963-64, revised 1966)

Volume Three (CD 753)

  • The Dreamer That Remains
  • Windsong
  • Rotate the Body in All Its Planes - Music for an Exhibition of Gymnasts*+
  • Water! Water! - An Intermission (excerpts)*

Volume Four (CD 754)

  • The Bewitched - A Dance Satire

[Posted: 02/25/97]

Dear Partch Folks,

Da Capo Press just called me to say that Harry Partch's Genesis of a Music is back in print! Is is in paperback and the list price is $17.95. That's a whale of a lot cheaper than the hard back but the new edition does not include the color plates. (They are run in black and white.) Otherwise, I expect it is complete.

CRI can process your orders for Genesis as well as Bitter Music ($44.95), the ISAM Descriptive Catalogue ($20.00) and the Dreamer That Remains video ($34.95). Add $5.00 shipping and handling per item. Send checks to CRI or email your Mastercard, Visa or Discover number. Email to: info-orders@composersrecordings.com

Please share this information!
Joseph Dalton
Managing Director

[Posted: 08/20/96]

It's great to see all this discussion about Harry Patch! CRI has kept his music available for more than twenty years. He's a back bone of our catalogue not to mention the experimental tradition in American music.

When we reissued on CD The Bewitched, we made a flyer offering both our Patch CDs plus three books by our about Partch and the video of The Dreamer That Remains. If you e-mail CRI, we can send you this flyer by standard U.S. mail. Of the three books offered (an annotated catalogue of his works, Genesis of a Music, and Bitter Music), Genesis is out of print when last we checked, but the other titles can be obtained still through CRI.

AND, we have plans to reissue the majority of Patch's remaining Gate 5 recordings on CD. Gate 5 was Patch's own label wherein he recorded the majority of his major works. Our two CDs of recordings are drawn from Gate 5 material. Lots still remains -- many recordings not heard in years. I spent a weekend last spring with Danlee Mitchell, Patch's heir, in San Diego reviewing the material. That's all I'll say for now... It's going to be a lot of work to get this done (two or three new CDs) with proper notes and librettos, etc. So, my guess is winter/spring of next year will be the time to look for a major new Patch series on CRI.

Joseph Dalton
Managing Director
73 Spring Street, Suite 506
New York, NY 10012-5800
phone 212.941.9673
fax 212.941.9704
e-mail: info-orders@composersrecordings.com

I sent for and received the flyer in two days. The following items are for sale:


  • The Bewitched - A Dance-Satire (Gate 5 Ensemble) $15.99
  • The Music of Harry Partch (compilation of various pieces) $15.99


  • Harry Partch: Bitter Music - Thomas McGeary (Journals, Essays, Etc.) $44.95
  • The Music of Harry Partch - Thomas McGeary (A Descriptive Catalogue) $20.00


  • The Dreamer That Remains - Stephan Pouliot/Betty Freeman (documentary) $34.95

What will be of interest to MANY people is the first availability, at a reasonable cost, of the "Dreamer" on video. Previously only available from New Dimension (a supplier to libraries and institutions) at a cost of $300+, this portrait of Harry done in 1972 may be the best introduction to Harry's personality for anyone who didn't get to meet him -- certainly more like how he was at the end of his life than 'Music Studio'! I have waited for years for this to be out, in spite of the fact that I look like a silly little boy back then; oh well, we were all young during the filming. I don't want to appear commercial by posting this here -- I simply want everyone to have the opportunity to add to their Partch collections. And note: The flyer states that the video and books are available from CRI for a limited time only. Don't delay; the sales might also hasten the release of the other Gate 5 materials.

My thanks (hell, all of our thanks!) to Joseph Dalton and CRI for their continuing efforts to keep Harry's body of work accessible.