photo of The Entity #1


photo of Rock Marimba


Photo of Clay Pot assemblage


Photo of the PonyPhone (?)

The Entity
Built by Philip Blackburn, 1998

Most of us know Dr. Philip Blackburn as the creative force behind the Innova "Enclosures: Harry Partch" series, but his is a composer in his own right. Additionally, he has an interest in public installations, something he apparantly will (or does) refer to as Sonic Playgrounds. A while back, while I was semi-pleading for instruments to display, he sent me these photos of an installation he refered to as The Entity. His only notes were as follows:

"Here are some of the fruits of my labors. I'm setting them up for the public on Sept 25 at a new sculpture park near the capitol where the mayor will pontificate."

Looks like a fun place to play...

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