Dear Mr. Partch:

If I were a writer, or a well educated man, I would try to make this letter more stimulating, but I am neither. I'm simply a twenty year old youngster from Detroit, Michigan who would like very much to meet you, and to witness a performance of your work.

I became familiar with "Delusion of the Fury" about one year ago, and I'm convinced it is the most honest representation of ones's creative ability that I have ever heard.

I would like very much to meet you, and learn of your instruments more completely than your book can furnish.

I am of the understanding that you and Mr. Mitchell will conduct a performance in California this coming spring, and if you could possibly send me more information on that subject, I will be very happy.

I don't want to take too much of your time so I will end this letter here.

Phillip Keeney

[address followed...]

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