Water! Water!

Water! Water!
An Intermission
Gate 5 Records - Issue G (1962)

Water! Water! (excerpted)

"Gate 5 Ensemble" from Univerity of Illinois, conducted by John Garvey (who also did the Singer, Speaker, Jazzman solos, and the Alderman in Fugue on "NO")

    Scott Meland - Arthur (the God of Rain), Indian Runners, Aldermen and Jazzmen
    Alan Gossard - Phoebus the Disk Jockey and Emcee
    Paul Cooper - Producer
    Patrick Day - Clarence
    Steven Allen - Aquarius
    Jane Daily - Singer from Spoleto, Wanda the Water Witch
    Stephen Farish - Water Crier, Alderman
    Nina Cutler - Water Crier
    Cynthia Schwartz - Her Honour
    Kathleen Roche - Visitor from Alabama
    Carolyn Burril - Pura
    Ladies Auxilliary
      Helen Curley
      Dianne Layden
      Jane Daily
      Kathleen Roche
      Lynette Barry
      Janet Campbell
      Elizabeth Coney
      Geraldyne Jones
      Carolyn Burril
    Eddie Allen - Clarinet
    John Ginther - Bass Clarinet
    Cecil Bridgewater - Trumpet
    Uni Thomas, Mark Cleghorn - Violins
    Howard Osborn - Viola
    Elizabeth Krohne - Cello
    Edward Krolick - Bass
    Donald Andrus - Chromelodeon
    William Parsons - Percussion
    Thomas Wardlow, Alan Davis - Castor & Pollux
    Michael Ranta - Surrogate Kithara
    Lyndel Davis - Kithara
    Thomas Hall - Spoils of War
    Danlee Mitchell - Diamond Marimba
    Michael Combs - Bass Marimba
    Arthur Schildbach - Marimba Eroica
    Max Murray - Soprano Sax
    Aaron Johnson - Tuba
    Melaniusz Gienko- Trombone
Rotate The Body In All It's Planes (excerpted)

Ensemble drawn from the above listed players

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