Revelation in the Courthouse Park

Revelation In The Courthouse Park
Gate 5 Records - Issue F

Revelation In The Courthouse Park (excerpted)
After The Bacchae of Euripedes


    Chorus One (full)
    Chorus Three (excerpted, beginning with Ishbu Kubu)
    From Scene One: Holy Joy and Get Religion
    From Scene Two: What the Majority Believes
    From Scene Three: Glory to the Male Womb
    End of Scene Three and Chorus Four
    End of Scene Four and Coda

"Gate 5 Ensemble" from Univerity of Illinois, conducted by John Garvey
    Sony/Pentheus - Jeffey Foote
    Mom/Agave - Freda Pierce
    Dion/Dionysys - John Burt
    Korypheus - Elizabeth Hiller
    Cadmus - Coryl Crandall
    Herdsman - Joel Klein

    Plus choruses and instrumentalists . . .
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