The Bewitched

The Bewitched (excerpted)
Gate 5 Records - Issue E, 1962

The Bewitched (excerpted)


    PROLOGUE - The Lost Musicians Mix Magic
    SCENE 3 - The Romancing Of A Pathological Liar Comes To An Inspired End
    SCENE 4 - A Soul Tormented By Contemporary Music Finds A Humanizing Alchemy
    SCENE 8 - A Court In It's Own Contempt Rises To A Motherly Apotheosis
    SCENE 10 - The Cognoscenti Are Plunged Into A Demonic Descent While At Cocktails

Gate 5 Ensemble from University of Illinois, conducted by John Garvey
    The Witch - Freda Schell
    Chorus Leader - William Olson
    Marimba Eroica - William Olsen
    Bass Marimba - Warren Smith
    Bamboo Marimba - Thomas Gauger
    Spoils of War - Michael Donzella
    Cloud-Chamber Bowls - George Andrix
    Diamond Marimba - Danlee Mitchell
    Surrogate Kithara - Jack McKenzie
    Harmonic Canon - Barbara Grammar
    Kithara - Sanford Berry
    Clarinet - Warren Birkett
    Bass Clarinet - Joseph Firrantello
    Piccolo - Charles DeLaney
    Koto - Carol Zuckerberg
    Cello - Peter Farrell
    Chromelodeon - Herbert Bielawa
Scenes not contained on this recording:

[Note: This information was not included on the recording. I have placed it here mainly because the Scene titles are so great...]

    SCENE 1 - Three Undergrads Become Transfigured in a Hong Kong Music Hall
    SCENE 2 - Exercises in Harmony and Counterpoint Are Tried in a Court of Ancient Ritual
    SCENE 5 - Visions Fill the Eyes of a Defeated Basketball Team in the Shower Room
    SCENE 6 - Euphoria Descends a Sausalito Stairway
    SCENE 7 - Two Detectives on the Tail of a Tricky Culprit Turn in Their Badges
    SCENE 9 - A Lost Political Soul Finds Himself Among the Voteless Women of Paradise

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