The Wayward

The Wayward
Gate 5 Records - Issue B, 1962

U. S. Highball
(as recorded in 1958)

"Gate 5 Ensemble" of Evanston, Illinois, conducted by Jack McKenzie


    Dick Borden
    Melvin Britton
    Michael Colgrass
    Elizabeth Gentry
    Danlee Mitchell
    Harry Partch
    David Reid
    Melvin Wildberger

The Letter
(as recorded in 1950)

    Intoning Voice - Harry Partch
    Instrumental Ensemble - Ben and Betty Johnston, Donald Pippin, Harry Partch

Ulysses at the Edge
(as recorded in 1958)

Gate 5 Ensemble:

    David Reid - Voice, Baritone Sax
    Dick Schleppe - Alto Sax
    Danlee Mitchell - Bamboo Marimba, Cloud-Chamber Bowls
    Harry Partch - Diamond Marimba, Cloud-Chamber Bowls

Jacket photo by Harry Partch, 1940

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