Thirty Years of Lyric and Dramatic Music

Thirty Years of Lyric and Dramatic Music
Gate 5 Records - Issue A, 1962

Poems by Li Po (1931-1933)
(as recorded in 1947 by W. E. Gilson)

    A Midnight Farewell
    Before the Cask of Wine
    An Encounter in the Field
    On Hearing the Flute at Lo-cheng
    The Intruder
    I Am a Peach Tree

Windsong (1958)

Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales (1946)
(as recorded in 1950)

    Harmonic Canon - Harry Partch
    Bass Marimba - Ben Johnston

Intrusions (1949-50)
(as recorded in 1950)

    The Rose
    The Crane
    The Wind
    The Waterfall
    Intoning Voice - Harry Partch
    Instrumentalists - Ben and Betty Johnston, Harry Partch

Cloud-Chamber Music (1950)

    Ensemble: Ben and Betty Johnston, Donald Pippin, Harry Partch

Bless This Home (1960)
Recorded in 1961, University of Illinois

Ensemble conducted by John Garvey:

    Harry Partch - Intoning Voice, Adapted Viola
    Vincenzo Prockelo - Oboe
    Danlee Mitchell - Kithara, Harmonic Canon
    Joseph Varhula - Mazda Marimba

By The Rivers of Babylon (1931)

Ensemble conducted by John Garvey:

    Nina Cutler - Voice
    Evelyn Garvey - Chromelodeon
    Lyndel Davis - Kithara
    Harry Partch- Adapted Viola

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