U. S. Highball

U. S. Highball
Gate 5 Records - Issue 6

U. S. Highball
(as recorded in 1958)

"Gate 5 Ensemble" of Evanston, Illinois, conducted by Jack McKenzie


    Dick Borden
    Melvin Britton
    Michael Colgrass
    Elizabeth Gentry
    Danlee Mitchell
    Harry Partch
    David Reid
    Melvin Wildberger

The inscriptions that are printed on the cover are from the text of the piece. Since my scanning technique is still in it's infancy, if you can't read them they are as follows, proceeding clockwise from the upper left:

    "It's the freights for you, boy!"
    "Praise the Lord"
    "That's another bad hump this side o' Cheyenne. 'Tsa bitch."
    "I can stand everything but the jerks."
    "Stay out o' Denver, Mac!"
    "Yih! hoo-----"
    "May God's richest blessings be upon you"
    "Let 'er highball, Engineer!"
    "Going east, mister?"

At this point you might want to take a look at "The Garlic Highball", which is our audio-visual mini-documentary on this piece, with a poster, music clip, and spoken commentary from Partch himself.

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