Plectra & Percussion Dances

Plectra & Percussion Dances
Gate 5 Records, 1957 - Second Edition - Complete - Without the Cuts of the First Edition

Castor & Pollux - A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini (1931-1933)

Ring Around The Moon

    Voice - Lynn Ludlow

Even Wild Horses - Dance Music for an Absent Drama (excerpted)
[Omitted on this recording: Act 1, Scene 2 - Rhythm of the Womb -- Melody of the Grave (Contrapuntal heart-beat)]

    Voice - Allan Louw

On all of the above:

The Gate 5 Ensemble of Sausalito, conducted by Horace Schwartz

    Richard Barnett
    Ruita Churchill
    Vincent Delgado
    Robert Garfias
    Henry Jaramillo
    Lynn Ludlow
    Harry Partch
    Jerry Schimmel
    Michele Slivka
    Allen Smith
    Marc Smith

Cover photo by Fred Lyon

Additional Notes: Partch tried valiently to include all of the works from Plectra & Percussion Dances complete on this second edition, as printed on the jacket, but it was not meant to be -- and the phrase "(Not Quite!)" was stamped in red ink over the word "Complete".

This album also had some great liner notes on it (someday I'll get it all here); one section on listening to the disc bears mentioning:

    "The FIRST HEARING of this work should be through the best and most powerful playback equipment that is obtainable for the short time necessary. When one judges the work through inadequate playback equipment it is very much as though he were appraising a new painting by the light of a 25-watt bulb twenty paces away in the dead of night."
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