Common Anaphorian instruments

Common Anaphorian Instruments
as reported to us by Kraig Grady

Here is a long view of some of the most common Anaphorian instruments: Lake Aloe (a vibraphone-like instrument with a two octave and a fourth 22-tone scale tuning known in the west as an Eikosany [Wilson 1969] constructed out of the harmonics 1-3-7-9-11-15), Mt. Meru (bass bars of 9 tones from the same Eikosany as Lake Aloe), and Fifth Mesa (a marimba made out of Padouk which spans 3 octaves and a fourth, extending an octave lower than Lake Aloe).

This picture was sent in by Kraig Grady, an employee at the North American Embassy of Anaphoria Island. If you visit the Embassy website itself, you will discover an entire page devoted to the instruments and tunings used by the native peoples of this mysterious and sensual island culture, along with historical background. It has been documented that there was a strong morphic resonance between the work that Harry Partch did during his lifetime and the creators of the tools and styles of music on the island. We suggest you investigate further...

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